Exclusive Representations

Bozoklar Metal is involved in agency activities for;

Production mills and Global Steel Tradings companies that targets to sell their products to the end users in Turkey. We apply our experince and know how about the Turkish market and guide the mills to penetrate to Turkish market in a full transparent way by facilitating and increasing business through better service and logistical advantage.

Mills in Turkey that target to sell their products to different regions around the World. Bozoklar Metal apply the experience, know-how and innovative power to the competitive advantage of their customers in the most diverse markets world-wide. We are moving each year over 100.000mtons from Turkey to different parts of the World. If you are interested with such a service please contact.

Arvedi Group - Italy

Bozoklar Metal is the exclusive representative of Acciaieria Arvedi, Italy in Turkish market for hot rolled steel, pickled and oiled material, cold rolled, full hard, hot dipped galvanized and prepainted galvanized steel since 2014.

Arvedi is Europe’s First and World’s Second mini mill for flat steel products.  The Mill’s Production is oriented towards special steels (high strength and dual phase) and thin and ultra-thin gauges which can substitute cold rolled products for many applications.

The innovative ISP ESP ® process allows the manufacture of hot rolled coils with outstanding quality characteristics, repeated with each delivery and uniform within the same coil.

The solidification process, obtained after liquid core reduction, allows homogeneous fine grain structures to be obtained, giving high levels of cold deformation and workability characteristics.

Geometric precision is particularly high for thickness tolerance, flatness and crown.

The main qualities that are being supplied are:

  • Structural resistant athmospheric corrosion EN10025-2
  • Steels for welded gas bottles as per EN 10120 P245NB to P355NB
  • Steel for pressure vessels
  • Microalloyed high stregth Steel S355MC to S700MC
  • Ferritic-banitic multiphase steel
  • Dual Phase Steel DP600
  • Steels for large diameter pipes L245NB to L360NB
  • Ultrathin HRC down to 0.80mm
  • For detailed information about Arvedi please kindly visit www.arvedi.it


Burwill Holdings Limited ("Burwill") was listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code: 0024) in 1983.

Burwill and its subsidiaries (the "Group") have been engaged in international steel trading for over 60 years and play an active role in the international steel trading market. The Group has long and well-developed business relationships with various large and medium steel plants and professional importers and exporters in China. It has also established an extensive sales network overseas. The Group's business extends to the markets in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and Latin America in order to build up a competent global steel sourcing and trading integrated platform for stable profits as well as providing enhanced value-added services to its global customers.

Bozoklar Metal represents Burwill Holdings Limited in Turkey. The main product categories being supplied through Burwill are scrap, iron ore, pig iron, ferroalloys, steel billets.

Domestic Pipe and Profile Distribution

Bozoklar Group is the main shareholder of Bozoklar İnşaat Malzemeleri A.Ş. Bozoklar Insaat malzemeleri is the distributor of Borusan for pipe and profile and construction materials in the Aegean part of Turkey for more than 50 years.

For Future Partnerships

Mills in Turkey that target to sell their products to different regions around the World.

If you are a mill and or a producer who is willing to expand your penetration into Turkish market through an experienced and credible partner please contact us

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