Hot Dipped Galvanized

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel


Thickness 0.25mm - 4mm
Width Up to 1530mm
Coating 100-600gr/m2
Standard Rerolling and deep drawing grades such as DX51D+Z, DX52D+Z, DX53D+Z, DX54D+Z, DX56D+Z, DX57D+Z
Dualphase Steel: DP450, DP500, DP600, DP800
High strength low alloy grades: H260LA, H300LA, H340LA, H380LA, H420LA
Bake hardening grades: HX180BD, HX220BD, HX260BD, HX300BD
Rephosphorized High Strength Steel: HX180YD, HX220YD, HX260YD, HX300YD
Structural galvanized Steel: S220 GD+Z, S250 GD+Z, S280 GD+Z,S320 GD+Z, S350 GD+Z, S390 GD+Z, S420GD+Z, S450GD

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